Rush hour – Using Preworkouts

It takes around 15 minutes for your pre workout to give you a hit. Make the most out if it. Following 30 minutes will get you to your peak.

Seen people having bags loaded with supplements / protein but no willpower to workout ? I see them everyday.

A lot of people who have a desk job use pre-workouts since they do not have too much physical activity their body reflexes are comparatively slower. They use pre-workout supplements to get the rush quicker which enables them to do their best in every workout.

Some people buy these products for their mental satisfaction; they fall into the internet body building and supplements gimmick; but the do not know how to use and when to use. It is necessary to use motivation techniques to get to the point where you are using these supplements.

Please don’t use pre workout if you cannot destroy it in the rush hour and aren’t motivated enough !

Know your peak. Learn your epic. Do best in the rush hour.


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