Vitamin D

Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. Did you know 30% of young population is suffering from vitamin D deficiency !

This is a free return gift from nature for enjoying too much of night life !
Did you know deficiency in vitamin D can hamper your calcium levels which means a direct impact on your bones ?

We assume that health problems start at older age, may be after 40 years or so; but do you really think your body is perfectly possessing all vitamin levels when you’re young !

Deficiencies are common now a days in people you are in their late 20’s. Which is quite a shame, but our lifestyle has changed and hence we have invited a lot of health problem at an early age.

Try to spend your weekends like one of those old days. Play a sport or go out running early morning.

Tip: apply oil (preferably TIL oil) on your body and go out in the early morning sun at least once a week. It’s a great home remedy… Natural and cheap.

I enjoy nightlife pretty hardcore too but balancing the nature of our body cycle is the key. BALANCING.


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