Corporate jobs can mean sitting in front of a computer all day to attain career goals and money along with stress and fat complimentary!

Getting stuck at your desk due to workload, not taking poop breaks and holding pee is very common practice. It’s pathetic but it’s a fact, isnt it? That’s one of the core reasons why some people gain lot of body fat which ultimately makes them look plump, obese and also makes them unhealthy; Specially when it comes to people with desk jobs.

Is it all worth at the cost of your health? I have known people who have lost their hair, muscles, sex life, passion and only gained stress and fat. It’s an untold punishment. Importance and Awareness of Health in corporate life is important and necessary these days. Considering the fact that generation has started suffering from deficiencies, abnormalities and diseases at such an early age. One of the major reasons to this is our lifestyle.

Changing your body needs you to get into a complete different mindset. Besides, your fitness depends on you, so ask yourself “Is it too late?” Pose naked in front of a mirror – it will act as an eye opener. But guess what, dramatic transformation are all about how it ends and not where do you start from.

We are working as a “Nutrition and lifestyle consultants” – A team of Clinical Dietician and Fitness coach. Togather we study our Clients body type in-depth (Blood Type, Liver profile, Cardio profile, Lifestyle analysis, Diet Analysis, etc) and based on current lifestyle and nutrition we spawn a transformation program for you.

Other Services Provided :

  • Detox diet
  • Anti ageing diet
  • Diet for a heathy heart
  • Diet for diabetes
  • Diet for blood pressure
  • Diet for anemia
  • Diet for constipaton
  • Gym diet
  • Diet for weight loss
  • Diet for weight gain
  • Diet for weight maintenance
  • Diet for osteoporosis
  • Diet for children(growth)
  • Diet for acidity
  • Diet for thyroid ( hypo and hyper)
  • Diet for uric acid and gout
  • Diet for B 12 deficiency
  • Diet for Cancer
  • Diet for gym lovers


You may contact us on the day you decide to transform !  We will help you achieve your goal by materialising it.

Thank you for your time.


Richa Dhutia

Clinical Dietician in Nutraceutical Medicine

+91 767 801 0316

Akshay Bhagat

Corporate Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant

+91 9930 912 220


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